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Friday, May 31, 2019


SATURDAY PRAYER – (01JUN19) Dear Heavenly Father, Lord we thank you for bringing us through yet another week safe and sound. There were many people who did not make it to see today and even as of yesterday, there were those who were shot and killed who unexpectedly transitioned from this life. Therefore, we thank you for allowing us to come into your mighty presence one more time. You are a wonderful, mighty, amazing, and gracious God. There is no One like you for you are Holy and Righteous. Lord, we ask that you would forgive us for all the sins that we have committed and to please cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We are so undeserving of your goodness, but we ask that you would hear from Heaven and take away our sins of guilt and shame for which Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach died. We as a nation have failed you. We have committed sin upon sin that has reached your nostrils. We know that you are not pleased with us as a nation. We have dishonored you in so many ways and have placed our idols over you and our sins of preference above you. We as a nation have committed the sins of greed, lust, murder, pride, selfishness, theft, slander, sexual immorality, drunkenness, and so many other sins that are detestable to you. We as a nation have gone too far that we must ask for your mercy in the judgments that you send. We know that the flooding, tornadoes, hailstorms, weather abnormalities, animal deaths, and even the wickedness amongst mankind is being allowed because of all the sin that we have committed against you. We are here to confess our sins and that of this nation. We ask that you will forgive us and even when judgments come in accordance to your Word, we know that you are still merciful and true.

Lord, we ask that you will be with the families of those who lost loved ones to violence. We ask that you will bring those who do not know you to Christ and that those who do will be encouraged despite their loss. We pray for those who have lost loved ones recently, and even if it has been years after the anniversary of their loss, we ask that you will be their hope and comfort. We pray that they will never feel alone, but will take great relief in knowing that you will fill the emptiness in their heart. We ask that as each day goes by, things will get easier because you are their Pillar of support. We pray for those who are sick, elderly, widowed, and on hospice. We ask for your wings of comfort and divine protection over them. We pray that you will heal them if not in body, but in mind. We pray for the homeless, the unemployed, the underemployed, and those who are struggling financially. We pray for doors to be opened in accordance to your will. We pray for those who are having legal troubles, family troubles, marriage troubles, or other troubles. We pray that you will solve, adjust, and restore all that is broken.

We pray for those who are serving our nation’s military. We ask for your protection over them in the sea, air, and land. We pray for our government leaders and that your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that you will watch over your people. We ask for those who are not accepting of the Messiah will come to you and know of your love that was shown through the shedding of your blood for our sins. We pray for the lost and we ask that in your mercy, you will save them even if it is at their dying breath. We pray for the comatose church to awaken and speak your uncompromised truth. We know that time is short and that your coming is growing closer as each day goes by. We pray that we are ready and we look forward to the day when you come to take us home.

We love you Lord and we give you all praise and glory. We humble ourselves before you as we ask that you receive our prayers and that it be a sweet incense to you. We ask all these things in Jesus’ might Name, Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen.

Read the Bible in a Year (01JUN19)

JOB MOMENT – (01JUN19) The book of Job explores the issue of human suffering and God’s justice as it pertains to the righteous. Job is counted by God as being a righteous man who is beyond reproach. Yet, Job is not present to hear this dialogue between God and Satan concerning his character. Satan, in the story, presents himself alongside the angels before God and they have a discussion about Job. When God asked Satan about his previous whereabouts, Satan responded that he had been roaming the earth. God never poses a question that He does not already know the answer to, but this was a leading question for God to go into his next one, “Have you considered my servant Job?” God already knew the answer to the question, but for conversational purposes, God allowed Satan to speak what He already knew was on his mind. Satan’s response was one that lets the reader know that he was already well aware of who Job was, and that he knew there was a hedge of protection around Job. How did Satan know this when he is not able to be omnipresent? Either he or his demons may have tried to breach God’s protection before but was unable to. As a result, he knew that he needed PERMISSION to do so.

Satan challenged God regarding Job’s faithfulness due to His divine protection. Satan told God that anyone would find it easy to serve Him as long as he was being blessed, but should those blessings ever leave, Job would show Him where his true loyalty resided. God took the challenge and allowed Satan to do what he wanted with the exception of touching Job’s physical body the first time around. On the second encounter, after a lack of success despite his attacks, God allowed Satan to afflict Job’s body. The only stipulation was that he could not kill him. Satan attacked Job’s wealth, family and health. Everything that Job had was gone. Nonetheless, Job remained faithful despite not having an understanding as to why he was being afflicted. He did not know that it was only a test and that God was the Administrator who already knew what the outcome would be. Job was unaware that God had bragged to Satan about him and trusted in his faithfulness to Him. All Job could see was his present situation because he could not see the forecast.

Many people have asked the question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people. This question often comes when a five-year-old child has to become a patient of St. Jude’s after being diagnosed with cancer. A couple may have had several miscarriages and can never seem to have a child of their own as they watch other married couples have multiple children. The person who has worked harder than anyone else on the job keeps getting passed over for that job promotion. The Christian who has been accused unjustly and now sits on death row all because of her faith. The child who has lost his innocence due to the sexual perversions of an adult. Yes, many people have asked the question of why the innocent are made to suffer. Yet, we must know that God is just, and He is good. We do not deserve anything in and of ourselves, but all that God does is for His glory. Suffering cannot always be explained in a manner that will appease the human mind, but we must have faith to allow God to be God. The Bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. You cannot see faith just like you cannot see the wind, but you must have it no less in order to please God. Therefore, even though we may not always see and feel God in our situations, we must hold on to faith to know that He will bring us to a desired end. Something to ponder…

QUESTION OF THE DAY – (01JUN19) Job’s wife watched as her husband suffered with soars all over his body. You can possibly imagine the stench that came with them oozing out pus as he scraped them with the broken pottery that he found. Job probably itched day and night, for there was no Neosporin, Benadryl, or other modern-day medicine during his time. The sight of him was probably repulsive in that his three friends did not even recognize him from the distance when they first saw him. There is no mention of his former associates being around until a fourth friend comes to the scene, which shows that he was in isolation. Job’s wife had lost all that she had as well, including her children, but she was not as submissive as Job. The hurt, anger, and even bitterness came out when she told Job to curse God and die. She questioned his reason for being loyal to a God whom she felt had been disloyal to them. Job, however, being the voice of reason, rebuked her by saying that one cannot accept the good from God but never expect any trouble. Job’s wife must have felt that she had been through enough just by watching her husband, but Job still did not sin in what he said.

Can you put yourself in Job wife’s shoes? Can you imagine how she must have felt by being a mother who lost all of her children in a single day? Yes, one can truly empathize with what she had gone through. Not only had Job lost everything, but she did as well. She watched the man whom she loved that was once strong, respected, and financially secure be reduced to frailty, loneliness, poverty, and grief. She had to see his misery, hear his cries, know his inner struggles, and unfortunately know that there was nothing she could do to ease his suffering. Job’s wife is barely mentioned with the exception of the two verses where she gives Job her opinion and he rebukes her. Nonetheless, one can feel her pain as well as we study the story of a righteous man who loses it all. Because they were husband and wife, his pain was also her pain, but his faith was stronger than hers.

Sometimes, we have to tune out others so that we can remain in faith when trouble hits just as Job did with his wife. Everyone will not understand why we hold on to faith when the outlook seems bleak. The Bible says that spiritual things are spiritually discerned and unless you have an understanding for God, others’ lack of faith can hinder yours. When you are going through trials, everyone does not need to be in your ear. Sometimes, you may not even be able to discuss what you are going through with people who are not spiritual warriors. The Bible says that iron sharpens iron and in times of trials, you need an Aaron (a priest) and an Hur (leader) to hold your arms up until the battle is won just as Moses did. Aaron was an intercessor so you need someone to intercede in prayer for and with you, as well as an Hur who was a leader and can help guide you when you feel spiritually blind and crippled. We can all feel like Job’s wife did in times of trials, but can you allow God to send you support to hold you up? It will be well worth it in the end. Something to ponder…

JOB MOMENT – (01JUN19) After seven days of silence with his friends, Job finally speaks. He cursed the day that he was born and wished that he had never been conceived. He wished those who claimed that they had the ability to curse days and conjure up Leviathan (crocodile) were able to actually do so and turn back the hands of time. Instead of cursing God, he prayed for death where he would finally have peace for his weary soul. His sadness was his daily bread and his tears was his drink. The very thing that he feared would happen to his children did even though he offered sacrifices on their behalf. He had no peace or rest at all.

Eliphaz, one of Job’s friends, decided to speak, but he would have been better off keeping his mouth closed. He reminded Job of how he had encouraged others, but when he found himself going through trials, he was discouraged and did not rely on the very faith he claimed to have. Eliphaz even seemed to imply that he had gotten a Word from God in the form of a spirit who questioned if anyone could be more righteous than God purer than Him. Eliphaz alleged that God did not trust His servants and claimed that His angels were capable of error; therefore, how much more should Job think that he was righteous. Yet, there was something wrong with Eliphaz’s ideology.

Just because someone is an encourager of others does not mean that they will never need to be encouraged themselves. We can look at the Prophet Elijah who had just went toe-to-toe with the prophets of Baal, yet, when Jezebel threatened his life, he ran and was greatly discouraged. God did not rebuke him, but fed him instead. Sometimes, those who lead and pour into others need to be refilled and poured back into. Yes, leaders go through trials and need encouragement too. Unfortunately, many Christians look at those who serve in the 5-fold ministry as being super humans, and somehow are beyond the challenges of life. The Apostle Paul often asked the church to pray for him as he prayed for them. We as leaders need your prayers constantly because we bleed, we hurt, we feel pain too.

Eliphaz seemed to imply that He had received a Word through a vision that was meant for Job. If this is the case, who was the one speaking? Would God have given him a word to make Job feel as if he had somehow done something wrong and considered himself above God? No! Only the devil would try to plant seeds of doubt in Job’s mind to make him feel as if he had done something wrong to deserve what he was going through. Another reason to question who was actually speaking to Eliphaz was that there were two things that was mistaken concerning God’s lack of trust in His servants and the ability of angels to commit error. First, God knows everything. Therefore, He knows who He can and cannot trust. There is nothing that takes God by surprise even when we fail. So, can God trust His servants? Yes, He can, and He does. Let’s take Moses for example. God spared Moses’ life because He knew that He had a servant whom He could trust. Although Moses was not perfect, God trusted Him enough to give him His commandments not once but twice. Second, God’s angels do not commit errors, but the fallen ones are the ones who did. Satan knows this because he was one of them. Therefore, only he would be the one to mix truth with error.

A lesson that needs to be highlighted here is the need to be cautious with words that people claim are from the Lord. God does indeed use people as prophets and prophetess to speak through, but everyone who claims to have divine revelation is not hearing from the Lord, but a familiar spirit. One cannot judge someone based on church attendance, speaking in tongues, or how many classes of Greek and Hebrew they have taken to know if they have a real relationship with the Father. Every Word that is professed to come from God should be supported through scripture and confirmed between YOU and GOD. Sometimes, people mean well, but they talk out of their own heads. This is why it is vital to have a relationship with God for YOURSELF. Although not everyone tries to intentionally mislead others, people are still subject to human error. Therefore, it is important to be like the Bereans and be students of the Word. If Job had listened to his friend, he would have believed that his friend was getting a word of rebuke from the Lord. That was not the case. When you know that you have done all that you can do…just stand still and know that God is God. Something to ponder…

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Read the Bible in a Year (31MAY19)

ESTHER MOMENT – (31MAY19) Haman plotted to kill Mordecai on a pole that he had raised next to his house. But the night prior to him wanting to tell the king of his plans, God allowed for King Xerxes to have a case of insomnia. Therefore, because the king could not sleep, he decided to have his official to read the king’s chronicles to him. As the official was reading, Xerxes became aware the Mordecai had once disrupted a plot by two of his officials who wanted to assassinate him. When King Xerxes found out that Mordecai had not been rewarded, he wanted to know what he could do to reward such loyalty. Haman came in at the right moment. When the king told him about his plans to reward someone without naming who it was, Haman thought for sure that it was he who would be honored, so he gave the king a suggestion of how to reward the person for his loyalty. King Xerxes agreed with what Haman suggested, but Haman was later grieved that the person to be honored was Mordecai, whom he hated, and he had to be the one to ensure that all he had suggested was carried out.  

This story is a reminder of how faithful God is and how He will make your enemies your footstool. Haman was wrapped up in narcissism and thought for sure that the king was speaking of honoring him. You can probably imagine how sick he became to know that the very person he despised was the one he had to parade through the streets and honor. Yet, God will do this to those who are enemies of His. When people come up against you for doing the will of God, they are not just fighting against you, but they are fighting against the One who sent you. This is why the Bible lets us know that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood… The person who aims to do you harm actually has a hatred for Christ. We see this hatred displayed when Islamists blow up buildings full of Christians, beat them, rape the women, and hate those who have done them no harm. Jesus said that if they hated Him, they would also hate us.

Mordecai’s only crime was refusing to bow down to wickedness. We as Christians must refuse to bow down to the evils of this world as well. One day, we will get to see the devil trampled under our feet permanently where he will get the reward of being thrown into the Lake of Fire that is due him. Until that day, we must know that the battle is not ours to fight, but it is the Lord’s. Let us remain ever so faithful in doing the will of God because in the end, if we endure, we will receive the greatest reward that we could ever imagine. Something to ponder…

QUESTION OF THE DAY – (31MAY19) At the second banquet that Queen Esther held for King Xerxes and Haman, she finally told him about Haman’s plans for her people’s demise. King Xerxes was angry that he had been tricked into annihilating Esther’s people as well as herself. Haman was taken away and hung on the very pole that he had erected for Mordecai. Xerxes also gifted the property that Haman owned to Esther.

There are times when God will allow the very trap that your enemies set for you to backfire against them. We are to never take pleasure in plotting the demise of others or enjoying seeing them fall. We are not to return evil for evil, but allow the Lord to deal with our enemies in the manner that He so chooses. 

ESTHER MOMENT – (31MAY19) Purim is celebrated by the Jews every year on the Hebrew calendar month of Adar to commemorate God’s deliverance of the Jews from Haman’s hands. This is a time of celebration through the giving of gifts to the poor, reading the Purim story (Megillah aka the Book of Esther), having a festive meal called Seudah, giving food gifts call Mishloah Manot to friends, and eating triangle-shaped cookies called Hamantaschen, which is so named for Haman.

Although many of us may not celebrate Purim, but we can celebrate how Christ delivered us from sin. We too would have been condemned to death if it had not been for Jesus making the ultimate sacrifice. Just like Haman, the devil aimed to destroy us because the wages of sin is death. But we know that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. One day, we will be done with this world, and all its evil. We will be able to celebrate at the banquet of the Lamb that Jesus will host for all who became His bride and was washed in His blood. The enemy of our soul will be no more. Just as the Jews were able to defend themselves against their enemies, and was victorious, we too will celebrate a major victory.  Jesus was victorious over death and hell, for He is the resurrection and the life. We can take great comfort in knowing that we can be victorious because of Him. Something to ponder…