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Monday, January 2, 2023

Why Are So Many People Offended By The Name of JESUS?

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 Why are so many people offended by the name of JESUS?

You hardly see offense to hearing about Buddha, Mohammed, Plato, Aristotle, Freud, or many well-known teachers, scientists, and philosophers who walked the earth. Yet, the name of JESUS offends the spirits of many. Yes, they are indeed spirits. But what is it about JESUS that irritates them at the sound of His name? Well, let’s see what the Word has to say.

In Isaiah 53, the Prophet Isaiah wrote that there was nothing to attract us to Him regarding outward beauty, so Jesus would not have been People Magazine’s sexiest man alive. Nevertheless, He attracted the crowds.

He was despised and rejected, although He never harmed one soul but only gave hope to the hopeless, forgiveness to the unforgivable, and restored life where there was death.

He was a man of suffering and familiar with grief because the very ones He came to die for caused the most agony in His life.

He was held in low esteem because He did not come in royalty and wealth, yet the cattle on a thousand hills were His.

He bore the curse that was supposed to be ours, but He was looked upon as being cursed and forsaken by God.

He was pieced for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities. Yet, the world and even some in the church today deny His very existence in the way they live their lives. 

His sacrifice brought us the promise of peace in a new heaven and a new earth, but the world rejects Him in an attempt to have peace on earth without His presence.

By His stripes, we are healed, but the world says to trust the science, trust the drugs, trust the doctors, and trust ai.

The Word says that like sheep, we have all gone astray and turned to our own way, yet, Jesus is the Good Shepherd and placed our sins upon His own shoulders.

Jesus was oppressed, afflicted, mocked, and beaten. Yet, He never uttered an unkind word to His abusers.

Jesus was spit upon, which by the Mosaic law, was a sign of disgrace upon the recipient. Yet, He took His spit to make mud to heal a blind man’s eyes.

The Word says that soldiers pulled His beard, and yet, Jesus knew the very number of hairs upon their heads, but opened not His mouth.

Jesus was judged and considered a criminal by the very people He created, yet, He stood in silence as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Jesus was lied upon and condemned to death by those to whom He offered life, but no falsehood was found in Him, for He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  

Did anyone stand up for Jesus? Was there an attorney to plead His case? Was He given a fair trial amongst His peers? Did He get a chance to prepare a proper defense? Was there even a crime committed? Did He kill someone? Did He steal from someone? Did He even covet what someone had? No! Nevertheless, an actual criminal was set free in exchange for someone who was guilty of nothing but LOVE.

If Jesus was living on earth today in the flesh, many of the very ones who claim to speak in His name would be the first to abandon Him and say, “Crucify Him” at the threat of losing the life, liberty, and happiness.

But I am here today to say that Jesus does have a remnant who will not bow to Baal. We are proud to say the name of JESUS.

Let me tell you who He is.

Jesus is a Mighty Counselor because I don’t have to pay Him by the hour, but He is available at every hour so I can talk to Him.

Jesus is a Mighty God because when the storms of life are pressing, He is the One who parts my Red Seas.

He is my Everlasting Father because He provides, protects, supports, disciplines, and has called me His child.

He is my Prince of Peace, for many will look for an earthly prince on a white horse, but Jesus is my Prince who established peace beyond that of a fairytale.

Jesus is my Savior because no one else came to die for me but Him.

He is my High Priest because He intercedes on my behalf to the Father and because of His sacrifice, I AM SAVED.

Jesus is my Healer, for when the doctors may shake their heads, Jesus has His hands on me.

Jesus is my Friend, for when all others have thrown in the towel with me, Jesus stands by my side.

Oh, I can go on and on, but let me say this before I close. He is the I AM that I AM because whereas we may not be able to write down everything He is, Him being the I AM encompasses it all.

Yes, I love the name of JESUS. Whether you call Him Yeshua, Joshua, Immanuel, or JESUS, He is there to answer to them all. So shout with me the name…JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!