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Friday, May 29, 2020


SATURDAY PRAYER (30MAY20) Our Most Loving and Gracious Father, we come to you on this Saturday to express our deep love, admiration, and concern towards you and the things that are taking place in this world. We would like to first thank you for all the blessings that you have favored us with throughout the week. We stand in awe of your mighty goodness and we give all praise, honor, and glory to you for what you have done and what you continue to do. Thank you for the Son who shines mightily on us and in our lives. We thank you for the great sacrifice that was made on our behalf so that we may have life more abundantly.

Today, Lord, we acknowledge that there are many things that are taking place that displeases you in our nation and abroad. For this, we ask that you will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We have sinned individually, as a nation, and as the body of Christ. Much of what we see is our failure, as the body of Christ, to show and tell the world that the solutions to all our problems is you. We cannot legislate love, but we can show it. We cannot mandate forgiveness, but we can give it. We cannot vote by ballot the act of humility, but we can set the example by falling to our knees before you with broken hearts.

Lord, we know that you have seen the chaos that is taking place in our nation. None of this is a surprise to you, for you told us that such things would take place a long time ago as was written in your Word. Even though we know that prophecy must come to pass, we ask that you will cause calmer heads to surface throughout the pressure that is rising. We ask that people will see their need for you and that nothing will prevent them from turning their lives to you. We pray that you will allow justice to prevail and that even after all is said and done that those who have done evil will repent before it is too late. Nothing or no one is too far gone where you cannot and will not save them out of their sincere prayer of repentance to you.

We pray against racism for it is evil in your sight, for we are all made in your image. We pray against the abuse of authority. We ask that those who have been chosen to lead will do so as servants. We pray against the spirit of rebellion. You have given us those who are to lead our societies so that they may be civil. We rebuke the spirit of looting, rioting, and destruction by fire. There are many innocent people who have been harmed financially due to their livelihoods being targeted, so we pray that you will help them to recover all that was lost.

We pray for every family who have lost loved ones rather by police or hatred within their own communities. Please give them peace to know that you never desired for man to be in such a fallen shape. Nevertheless, you sent your son to restore us back to you, and one day, every single tear will be wiped away from their eyes. We ask that they be given the type of peace that surpasses all understanding which can only come from you.

Lord, there are a lot of personal needs that people have regarding families, jobs, marriages, finances, health and more. We ask that everyone who has a need will be received and provided for by you. Your Word says that we can come to you with all kinds of requests and petitions, so we pray that you will meet every need, issue and desire in accordance with your will. We pray for all of these things in your Son’s name, Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen.

Friday, May 22, 2020


SATURDAY PRAYER (23MAY20) Dear Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we come to you on this day to give thanks, honor, and glory for all the things that you have done in our lives and in the lives of others. We are ever so blessed to be your chosen people, for you loved us before we knew and understood what the meaning of your love was. You had a planned mapped out for us before we had ever come into being and we thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to pay our debt with which we would have never been able to discharge ourselves.

Lord, we ask that if there is anything that we have done displeasing in your eyes or to others, that you will not only forgive but clean us up and make us new. We ask that you will help us through our trials and temptations so that we may present ourselves as a pleasing sacrifice before you. Please help us where we fall short and revitalize us when we feel weak and want to give in to the enemy’s schemes.

Lord, we have a few requests to place before you and we ask that you will hear the petitions of your people as we present them to you with all humility. We ask for the healing of those who are sick and plagued with diseases throughout their bodies. We not only ask for them to be healed in their physical bodies but in their minds and spirit as well. We pray that you will give them wisdom, knowledge, and understanding into their situation and that they will experience your healing touch as only you can do. You are our Creator and where doctors can only go by books and science, you are the one who knows every single fiber of our being and what it takes to operate as you intended. Therefore, please be with those who have migraines, depression, pain, cancers, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, COVID-19, insomnia, and other ailments that affect their mind, body, and spirit in accordance with your will. We ask that you will replenish those who work as home and/or hospital caretakers, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, midwives, and other medical staff who have worked beyond their human limits.

There are many of your people, Lord, who desire for their lost loved ones to be saved. We pray for the salvation of wives, husbands, children, grandchildren, extended family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, associates, and strangers.  We know that it is not your desire that anyone should perish, and yet, so many people are choosing to go to a devil’s hell. Nevertheless, we pray that you will save and allow extra time for those who have not come into the knowledge and acceptance of your saving grace and mercy. Please touch their hearts where they will have a personal encounter with you so they may accept you as their Lord and Savior.

Lord, we pray for your people to have wholesome and holy relationships. Please be with those who need your special care in their marriages, families, on the job, or in their friendships with others. We ask for you to give them peace, unconditional love, and understanding as only you can. We pray for those within the body of Christ to operate as one body with many parts who collaborate in unity for your kingdom’s sake. We pray for those who are in spiritual comas to awaken and be aware of the hour in which we now live.

We pray for our government and its leaders. We ask that you will give your hand of protection to our president, vice, and their families as well as our armed servicemen and women. We pray for the members of Congress who do not follow you to have a personal relationship with you – not merely in words, but in actions. We pray against the enemy and that nothing will happen ahead of your will. We pray that anything which does not line up in accordance to your plans will be thwarted. Please cover your children, those who are being persecuted for your name’s sake, and those who are in the womb. We ask that you will encompass them with your love and wings of protection. We know that with faith, the size of a mustard seed, it can move mountains. Therefore, we claim that you have heard and will answer us in accordance with your will. We praise you in advanced as we close out our requests in the name of Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen.

Friday, May 1, 2020


SATURDAY PRAYER (02MAY20)Dear Heavenly and Most Gracious Father, we come to you on this first Saturday in May to thank you for your goodness, kindness, and great mercies. Thank you for bringing us out of the winter into the spring where we are constantly reminded of your creation and beauty even in our fallen world. We are ever so reminded that you took six days to bring about all of creation, which you called good, and rested on the seventh day. Man can never completely erase all aspects of you, even though he may try, and we thank you for the constant reminders as to who You are…our Jehovah Elohim – God our Creator.

Lord, we ask that you will forgive us from all the transgressions we have committed against you and/or against others. We ask that you will forgive us for our part in being disobedient to you as a nation. We know that we have sinned and have fallen short of your glory. We have been a rebellious people – a rebellious nation. To much is given there is much required, and you have required much from us, but we have failed to honor you as we should. We have followed in the path of Israel of old and have wanted your blessings without giving you the respect and honor that you deserve. For this, we bow our heads to say that we are truly sorry. We ask that you will not give us the punishment that we deserve, but give us the grace that you bestow on those you love. Please grant us mercy, for your Son came and died for our sins so we may have life more abundantly. Please take away our desire to sin, and create in us a clean heart that longs to do your perfect will.

Lord, we pray for those who have been afflicted by the plague that has come across our nation and abroad. We know that nothing happens unless you permit it to take place, so we ask that you will forgive, heal, restore, and deliver those who are sick and in need of you. We pray for those who are in nursing homes, hospital beds, on ventilators, in rehab facilities, on hospice, and wherever they may be – even in their homes. We ask for your healing touch for those who are in prisons, mental institutions, and other facilities where they are unable to leave. Please help them Lord wherever they may be, and heal them both spiritually and physically in accordance with your will.

We pray for broken and dysfunctional families. We pray that you will heal, mend, and reconcile them to one another. We pray for strong kingdom marriages, anointed and appointed children, and that they will remain united in you. We pray for the true body of Christ to be united as one in you. Please lead and guide as we look to you as our Head.

Lord, we are hearing that food shortages are coming, but we know that your people never have to fear. Just as you provided Manna and water for the Children of Israel in the wilderness, we know that you are still our Jehovah Jireh, Lord our Provider, who is able to do abundantly and exceedingly great things in the lives of your people. Your miracles have not ceased, and we will do what we can with what you have given to us, but we know that we must have faith that you will lead and guide us with the rest.

Lord, we pray for the government officials who are all over our nation and abroad. There are those who have hidden agendas for population control and more. Nevertheless, you are the God who sees all things and reveals all things to your servants. We know that Bible prophecy must be fulfilled, but we pray for those who desire to do your people harm, and we ask that you will speak to their hearts so that they will come into the knowledge of who you are. We pray that your people will be able to rise above demonic agendas where we can be a light unto a dark world.

We ask that you will be with your people and answer their prayers in accordance to your will. We speak life and not death over your people and we ask that you will give your people a special anointing to help usher the lost to you. We pray against all demonic attacks from the enemy that comes in the form of depression, anxiety, worry, sickness, doubt, fear, and whatever area he tries to enter in. We stand on your promises and know that victory is ours because you were victorious first. We thank you Almighty Lord and we give you praise, honor, and glory in Jesus’ name, Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen.